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Anticipated reads of 2019 + Blogging Goals + and the positive vibes

Anticipated Reads for 2019

Hey guys , I finally decided to do this post. It was honestly hard for me because I was spoiled by Edelweiss and granted 4 of my most expected ARC. Read this post if you want to be spoiled by Edelweiss like me.

  • King of Scars

Nikolai finally gets all the attention he deserves by getting his own duology.

As you guys know Nikolai Lantsov is my book crush #374 and he is one of the sassiest hottest character.

This book releases in Jan 29 and I can’t wait to read this book if my parents agree to buy this book for me.

  • The Tyrant’s tomb

The 4th book of Trials of Apollo series.

The official cover hasn’t been released yet. But I will update it as soon as it becomes available.

Update on 8th March : cover has released

The Burning Maze broke my heart. I have tried to duct tape my heart and it will be ready to be broken in September. The book releases September 24th.

  • The Tiger at Midnight

Esha is a highly skilled assassin undercover. Kunal is forced to being a soldier for his entire life. When their path crosses!!!!

YAsssSSSS. I got approved in Edelweiss for this ARC. And this being an Indian inspired fantasy makes my anticipation 1000times more.

Swati has planned this as a trilogy.

It takes all my willpower not to read this one asap.

  • The Gilded Wolves

Yep. I haven’t touched it since as soon as i start reading , I know this will end and I won’t get the sequel any time soon.

So am postponing it as hard as I can.

  • Descendant of the Crane

Can I be more excited for this ?? A Chinese inspired fantasy where the princess tries to get justice for her father who was murdered.

I’m so excited for this book.

Blogging Goals

This is a big thing to figure out for me because I still can’t believe I am accepted and recognized in book blogging community.

And my tiny sweet fire breathing daughter (my blog) has gained 1.6k views and 150+ followers in 4 months (sniffs). I’m having the really proud mama moment.

I’ve planned to do a little more organising and make my blog look good in 2019. I haven’t figured out everything and still getting all the lessons from wordpress site. So you guys can expect a little bit more organised mess here.

And bookstagram , My bookstagram was a real flop. I am seriously learning aesthatics and camera angles and I want to join the book community in Instagram .

My fave posts

My 2018 Overview

My personal life and career has been a disaster in 2018. I suffered many failures and chose a different career.

My blog and bookish community has been really supportive and helped me survive. Most of you don’t know what happened but you guys being there really meant a lot to me.

Honestly , Every like , comment and view was a really great deal.

I was suffering from depression for 5 months. And I’ve recovered pretty much and feel a lot better now.

How was your 2018? I’ve pretty much read all of your posts but link me and everyone can share some love.

Let’s connect




Happy living


29 thoughts on “Anticipated reads of 2019 + Blogging Goals + and the positive vibes”

    1. Don’t feel bad about Instagram. I just joined and have no clue what I am doing or how to get followers or push people to my blog. Maybe we can help each other out. What is your handle? Mine is novel_lives


  1. That’s amazing, I’m glad your blog is doing so well! Gilded Wolves looks amazing you will have to let me know how it is!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Our tbr has so many in common.. I hope we’ll love all of them 😊😊😊 and I hope this New year you are able to achieve all your goals… Good luck 👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for sharing my post! I’m really happy to hear you have been approved for so many books 🙂 Descendant of the Crane looks TOTALLY AWESOME by the way!!
    Aw, too bad to hear about the bookstagram, but hey, it takes a long time. Be patient and just go with the flow 🙂
    And yes, 2018 was no easy year. I hope 2019 is much better for us! Looking forward to being friends with you in 2019 as well 🙂 and also wishing you many awesome review copies 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Evelina!! Your post with all those links helped me so much in 2018 so i must be the one thanking you.
      Descendant of crane is so awesome. I’m like 40 percent into the book and its so great.
      I wish you a great 2019 Evelina!!! Keep up with the good work❤❤❤


  4. There are so many good books in this list! I’m just extra happy that you have The Gilded Wolves because I read it last week and LOVED IT ❤ I even loved to see The Tiger At Midnight and Descendant of the Crane in there 😀 I hope 2019 would be a great year for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Fanna. And I’m looking forward to Gilded wolves because I read so many good reviews. I hope the same and wish you good luck for your 2019 reads😊❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah. It always happens with me since I read only fantasy😂. Yeah you have to check it since its so awesome and its releasing jan 15th


  5. All the books you’ve mentioned are on my list too! We just might be bookish twins. 😍 Except King of Scars though because I’m yet to start reading any of the Grishaverse novels. 🙈 I had no idea 2018 was such a hard year! My DMs are open anytime and I hope you find a solace in the Book Dragons India community! ♥️ I hope 2019 is the year you discover all the magic and happiness that life has to offer. Have a wonderful new year and for your fire breathing blog as well! 😊


  6. Ahh there are so many books on here I can’t wait to read?!! Descendants of the Crane sounds SO amazing omg. 😍😍 Also, congrats on all your blog achievements! I’m glad you’re feeling better now as well. 😊💞

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ahh yay for so many accepted arcs !! Congrats 👏🏼
    Wow, Good job !! That’s huge for 4months, keep up the good work ! Iknow, eh? At first the book blogging community seems so huge and a tad intimidating.. but please don’t be scared of us ! You do have a spot in our community ❤️
    I’m happy to hear that you’re feeling a lot better xx
    Wether we know the details or not don’t matter in the end, we only want our friend to be safe and happy 🙂


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