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Why should we read fantasy?

Hey guys , you know am a big fantasy fan . And most time… Well all the time I’m snuggled up with epic fantasy.

In this post , am basically going to tell you why we all should read more fantasy books.

It helps us escape Earth for a good amount of time. Well , all books does that . Why are fantasy fiction special?

  • Escapism

It gives an alternate option of living place and style. Who doesnt want to escape our mundane mortal muggle lives for a while?

  • Helps us Imagine

Our dreams will always be colourful and mysterious. I even got an idea for a fanfic from the quarter part of dream i had. ( i have no idea of writing but i have it just incase I get caught up in an alternate universe *winks*)

3 . It makes us beleive and pass through our day to day struggles.

I mean its always cool to burn down the non bookdragons. Of course throwing a “Avada kedavra” is also fun.

  • Magic

Seriously , who doesn’t love magic. To me , fantasy should always contain a little bit magic. Like magic system or spells or witches and wizards are always awesome.

It helps us see through things. It makes us think there is something else we don’t know and yet to find out.

  • Character analysis

This is the biggie stuff of fantasy which you might or might not have realised yet. The more and more we read books especially fantasy we can easily judge people and everything sorta becomes predictable which is really really useful for our daily lives.

Because fantasy always contains bloodshed , backstabbing and stabby stabby fun!!!

Hope you enjoyed my article. Why do you read fantasy? Are there any reasons I have left out?

Happy living


9 thoughts on “Why should we read fantasy?”

  1. YES TO ALL OF THIS!!!!!!!!!! ❤
    Also A++++++++ for the Little Mix gif because they are so underrated and I love them so much!!!
    Fantasy is definitely one of my favorite genres for all of these reasons. Especially for Escapism. I always find that when things are rough in my personal life I tend to pick up a fantasy book over other genres.
    Keep Up the Amazing Work!!! 🙂 ❤

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  2. As a person who reads almost exclusively fantasy books, this post was so relatable. Especially the part about escaping my muggle life (I’m still waiting on my Hogwarts letter….it’s just a few years late is all..RIGHHTT???) Thanks for a fun read 🙂

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