Weekly wrap – up

Hey buds , the FIRST week of Jan is over. How did you guys do ??


I posted two blogposts this week. My tbr post went live and my blogging goals went live. I got a decent bit of likes and comments which I’m so happy for.

And yes , I crossed 175 followers!!!?!!! My reaction went from Whaat from woww to howw. So thank you so much for the support guys.


I finished Descendant of Crane this week ( I won’t stop screaming about this book yet)

It was so awesome and I have no idea where to start my review 😂😅

I started The Missing Of Clairdelune the sequel to A winter’s promise and I’m 25 percent in . Its so great so far. I can’t wait to get to the end.

Plans for Next week

  • I’ve scheduled a review post for White Stag.
  • I have to start The Gilded Wolves next week.
  • And I hope you guys have a reAlly fun weekend and a less stressful muggle week.

My posts of this week

2018 wrap up

January plans

This post goes in sunday meme in Caffeinated reviewer .

How did your weekend go???? Let’s talk.

Happy living


18 thoughts on “Weekly wrap – up

Add yours

  1. Congrats on the followers Dany !!!!
    And I need to read Descendant soon too… but I’m feeling very slumpy these days and don’t want to start it when I’m not in the right mind…

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      1. Ohh sorry I meant Gilded wolves in the second comment… I didn’t get the ARC for that… but yes I do have the ARC of Descendant and I’ll try to read it soon…

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  2. The first week was a huge struggle for me. I didn’t read at all, I posted everything in the last moment and was scrambling to make so many changes that I neglected my health. Here’s to hoping this week is better for me. 🙈

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