Review policy

Accepting review Requests

I’m Dany. I’m from South India and I’ve been blogging for past year

You can contact me through ambivertwords at gmail dot com .

I accept both Advance Review Copies and Finished copies. Physical Copies only.

  • Genres

My reading genres are

Middle Grade – fantasy , contemporary
Young adult – fantasy

New Adult – fantasy
Adult – fantasy

Exceptions can be made if the book has caught my eye in some rare circumstances.

The time from receiving the book and my review will be roughly from 1 month to 3. But I will post review in goodreads soon.

Exceptions will be made if the book has blown my mind.

  • Accepted formats

I would accept Paperback and Hardback only.

I live in India , Asia. (International).

  • My Reviews

I cannot promise a positive review. But I will explain why I didn’t like the book and what improvements can be made. And include this opinion is subjective and the reader may like this book.

I don’t post negative reviews unless I hated the book with good reason. I usually just highlight whatever I loved or found interesting in the book.

I post my reviews in Goodreads and Barnes and Nobles , not in Amazon.

  • Rating

5 star – Amazing and blown my mind.

4 star – Good but not that amazing.

3 star – Just Interesting

2 star – I didn’t like it.

1 star – Please don’t pick this up.

Ratings depend on the plot , characters , tropes (applied , subverted ) , writing style , pacing , descriptions and emotions.

All of my reviews are spoiler free unless stated otherwise.

I reserve the right to deny the offer if I’m busy or not interested .

I need the GoodReads link or synopsis , genre , author details, and publication date while you approach for review.

Emailing me at ambivertwords(at)gmail(dot)com means you’ve read and fully aware of my forementioned policy.

If you’re a publisher looking to send widgets , my mail address for both NetGalley & Edelweiss is