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January Plans

Hey guys , I’m a mood reader and don’t usually post tbr’s . But this is a new year and a new start. So lets begin.

January Reads

Descendant of the crane

By The time you’re probably reading this , I would’ve completed and be sobbing over the book. I’ve started it last year and planning on it to be my first read of the year.

Ruin and Rising

The third book of Grisha trilogy.

I’ve signed up for a previously on Grisha post for king of Scars with Esmee and this will be a re-read for me.

The Gilded Wolves

I have to post a review on time for this book. I’m hoping the pain of waiting might subsidise if I push the read of this book to the end.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone

The beginning of Hogwarts journey. Harry’s destiny comes knocking off the door in the form of Hagrid. With no idea of his past , he goes to the magic school and discovers secrets and faces horrors of his past.

I’m doing a readalong with Noura and will be re-reading this book for January. Join our readalong with Immortal Bibliophiles here.

Girls of Paper and Fire

A really really generous soul has sent this gift to me through Book depository before Christmas . I’m still waiting for this book to be delivered hopefully I will read it this month.

The Missing of Clairdelune (Mirror visitor quarterlet)

Another ARC read. This book is the sequel to A winter’s promise which I reviewed in 2018. This book is an amazing epic fantasy and big. I’m so hyped for this one since I loved the first and can’t wait to see what happens.

You can check out my review for the first book here .

This is obviously not the end of the list. I will read more but I have planned to read this much and let my mood choose the rest.


I’m not big at scheduling but I made a push and scheduled 4 posts. 1 for a week. And I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

(And , my friend irl has made a logo for my blog which will go live soon)

And I’ve signed up for Beat the Backlist challenge by Novel Knights. Join the fun here

And I’m taking part on behalf of My house Ravenclaw.

So the re-reads and 2018 releases will be accounted there.

That’s all for my January now. How are you guys doing?? How was your new year? Are these books in your TBR?? Lets talk

Happy living


15 thoughts on “January Plans”

  1. team ravenclaw ftw! 🦅 is that your bujo in the header? it’s gorgeous 😍 I have an ARC of Descendant of the Crane and I’m super excited to read it; Girls of Paper and Fire was pretty good too. I hope most of your 2019 reads are good ones!

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    1. Thank you Isabelle. No the bujo is not mine❤. Descendant of crane is soo good . I look forward to your review for that. I am so excited for Girls of paper and fire . Have a nice day

      Liked by 1 person

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