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Review: Just Be Cool, Jenna Sakai

Cover of just be cool jenna sakai which shows a model sitting with her hands in a diner table with backpack on the floor

Jenna sakai barged in and said “you thought you were gonna read about me and not write about that?? Ha?”

I LOVED keiko karter with all my heart. Keiko, the people pleaser, the conflict avoider, who just wanted to make everyone happy, learning sometimes that isnt possible and its okay to put yourself first, was a wonderful read.

Jenna at first, when i was reading keiko didnt attract me as much. Jenna had problems in her home, she was ambitious and put herself first. But wow Debbi michiko florence made me fall in love and cry real tears THRICE.

Jenna is a compelling protagonist who locks her heart up and doesnt let anyone get too close. She holds people at arm’s length, her parents divorce and her own breakup made her decisions to be alone strong.

Usually the middle grade books i choose to read always have open and kind protagonists. Jenna isn’t like that. Its a completely new experience for me to read a mc like this, i just fell in love with Jenna so fast and so deep.

The writing is really good and kept me engaged. I havent read a book in months, ive been looking forward to Jenna since the cover reveal so I just had to read it. And it was SO worth it.

The book is more character driven than anything else. Side characters like isabella, the owner of the diner, ofc Keiko were all loveable and stole my heart everytime they appeared.

I would definitely shove this to you because i just love it SO much. But, objectively if you like

-upper middle grade books
-Ambitious and loveable characters
-Fast paced and engaging writing

Jenna Sakai is waiting .

If you already liked Jenna, kindly feel free to scream with me in comments. If youre looking for more books like Jenna, i definitely recommend these *opens trenchcoat and shows these off*

Keep it together Keiko Carter

Debbi michiko florence is my love guys. Yes ive only read two books from her (Debbi if youre reading this i would love to read ANYTHING written by you, you have my unending devotion and love).

Keiko is a wonderful and lovely protagonist and Keiko hit really close to me. Sometimes friendship is hard, keeping things from changing is really hard. Keiko is the embodiment of “putting yourself first sometimes is fine, sometimes somethings aren’t just meant to be”

My review

Ghost Squad

Again, i dont think i CAN write a list without ghost squad in it. Do yourself a favor and read this for a wonderful cast in dominican fantasy and eery writing.


Dear Sweet Pea

I just love Pea so much. Pea is a writer who is also in her school’s journalism club. Her parents are going through a divorce, she’s being seated next to her ex friend, she sets off a chain of chaos when she decides to answer letters seeking advice in her local newspaper.

My review

Rea and the blood of nectar

Just like Jenna Sakai, Rea Chettri is a closed off kid with no friends. When her twin goes missing, she finds out a lot about her family’s secrets than she wanted to. Rea is first book in chronicles of Astranthia series, its portal fantasy with faes, faries, elves and a evil queen.

My review


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