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Keep It Together , Keiko Carter Review

Summary :

Seventh grade is supposed to be a game changer. And Keiko thinks she’s got it covered, especially with Audrey and Jenna by her side to shop for a new look, pick out a prime lunch spot, and even hit up that cute new bubble tea place after school. Her trio is ready to tackle life as they always have… together.

But when Audrey decides they need boyfriends before Fall Ball, it looks like things may be changing in all the wrong ways. Jenna is sick of caving in to Audrey’s demands, and soon Keiko’s besties are barely talking, leaving her caught in the middle. While she’s been dreaming about triple-dates, first kisses, and a boy she really shouldn’t have a crush on, the friendship she’s always thought was rock-solid is beginning to crumble.

Keiko feels pulled in two directions. Should she try to help her friends — even if it means losing one of them — or follow her heart? When it comes to flirting, friendships, and fallouts, how is Keiko supposed to keep it all together?

Review :

Keep it Together Keiko Carter was such a fun and interesting read . I blew through the book in two days and here’s my likes and dislikes on the book.

First off ,

🌟Keiko is the ultimate Mom friend of her group which made the book really personal for me. I used to be a mom friend in my group and now I’m getting out of the habit and putting myself first a lot.

🌟The sibling dynamics

When we were younger, I used to hide in Macy’s closet and scare her. She’d gotten a lock on her door and I’d learned to pick it so I could sneak in and scare her, still. It became a game for us. She’d set booby traps for me. The best one was when she’d balanced a small plastic bucket of gumdrops over the closet door so that when I opened it all the way, it fell on me.

Keiko has two friends. One of her friends has a brother and the other one is a single child. The sibling dynamic was interesting to explore and I felt like it reflected a lot on their characteristics.

Audrey and her brother had a tom and jerry relationship while Macy and Keiko had a more close one.


Just like the siblings , all the three set parents featured in the book is different. But the kids manage to be empathetic and connect to one another. The window is small considering there are only a handful of characters , but I loved how the author showed all kinds of normalcy in households.

🌟Likeable MC

Just like with most MG series , this book travels thru with Keiko’s entire PoV. But it sucks when the MC is a brat or arrogant.

Keiko is so sweet and caring , it makes us easy to sympathise with her and see where the plot takes us.

(This girl had a major breakthrough in her character during a single book more than I had in my life)

My dislikes

🌟The parents

Like I said , I did love the parents dynamic in the book. But I would’ve loved to see more about the parents life.

🌟The fall Ball

Okay . This isn’t so much of a dislike as much of an annoyance. The book starts off before the school year starts and the girls make a pact to get boyfriends and go to the fall Ball. I’m a HUGE FAN of the gala trope and cheesy endings. It would’ve been so awesome if the ending had the said fall Ball the book was leading upto.

About Debbie

Debbi Michiko Florence is the author of the Jasmine Toguchi chapter books (JLG selections, the Amelia Bloomer and CCBC Choices lists, and a Cybils award winner). A third-generation Japanese American and native Californian, Debbi lives in Connecticut with her husband, rescue dog, rabbit, and two ducks.

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I thank Edelweiss and Scholastic Inc for granting me with this ARC . All opinions are mine.

Have you added / already have Keiko in your tbr? What do you think of the cover? Can Keiko be a AU lil sister to Lara Jean?


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