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15 Thoughts on Magnus Chase and the sword of summer

*spoiler : may or may not contain spoilers for MCaSoS*

Hey guys , I just finished Magnus chase and the sword of summer. Heres a set of thoughts i had on this behalf.

  • Magnus is like leo
  • Magnus has grey eyesss!!!!!
  • Annabeetthhhhh????!!!!!!! I missed you.
  • Dead ? Already? Valhalla sounds hellla cool.
  • Omg omg !!!!! Vikings
  • There are 3 old lady fates called norns!!???!!!
  • Sam is like Annabeth
  • I hate blue.

  • That’s new.
  • My week has been so wack i didn’t even flinch when i realised who had spoken

  • I have a hunch he might be gay.
  • I drew my sword and smacked the eagle with the flat of the blade. I didnt particularly like bald eagles.

  • Damn , i really wished it was Frank .
  • If Percy and Magnus met , we will have a Mark of Athena all over again.
  • Frey looks like Chris Hemsworth.
  • Thor watches T.V Shows =-O

Catch you soon with another post.

Have you read this book or is this in your tbr? What were your thoughts on this book when you finished???? Lets talk.

Happy living


6 thoughts on “15 Thoughts on Magnus Chase and the sword of summer”

  1. If Magnus and Percy met! Wow! I have only read the first book in this series but I think one of my friends said that they do meet in the third book and it goes pretty well!

    Magnus hates blue!!!

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