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November wrap-up

Hey guys , We almost reached the end.

I got stuck between studying and other stuff (might or might not include dark magic) so I didn’t do much of blogging this month.

However , we all got through November and hurray! 2018 is almost ending. So as a part of the begone Thanksgiving , I wanna thank everyone who supported me and my blog even when it was stupid. Thanks guys.

November reads

  • Shades of Valhalla

My instafreebie read . I recommend this book to all of us YA cliche haters. This is a gem in terms of cliche. I’ve never read a YA book which broke this much cliches. This is a free kindle read and I haven’t read the rest of the series , but it was worth it

  • The Hate you give

This has been one of those books that was worth the hype.

I loved this book to the core. It didn’t give much insight of the protagonist which is rare cuz YA always keeps focussing them.

  • Tales of trojan war

This book was a library one . I had a plain idea of trojan war but this was the first proper book of trojan war. It was blunt but good.

  • Sugar spells

A NetGalley read from “the Spellwork Syndicate” series. This was a real delicious read.

  • Circe

I finally completed this one. After months of purchasing, I was afraid of finishing it cz the writing was soooo good.

November posts

15 thoughts on Magnus Chase and sword of summer

Sugar spells – ARC review

TV sitcom recs for Thanksgiving

Top 5 tuesday – Top 5 worlds I want to live in

Kooky kids club blogtour post

And as you guys know , am participating in December readathon and Bookending winter events.

I didn’t do a signup post because I haven’t done drafting…

So December would be lot more fun and am looking forward to it. Stick around and we can all have loads of fun.

Until then , Take care .

Happy living


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