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Hexes and Curses || Blogoween day 10

Characters you would like to curse hosted by jamsu.

Top 10 characters I would like to curse. Personally , I think this is a great prompt . But I don’t hold grudge for long in fictional world so I’ll try my best.

1. Octavian from Heroes of Olympus

2. Clary Fary from The Mortal Instruments

3. Dolores Umbridge from u-know-which series .

4. Rick Riordan from all Riordan fandAm. Sorry , I had to include him.

5. Peter a.k.a butterknife Peter from Divergent fandom.

6. Katrina Van Tassel from sleepy hallow.

7. America Singer from Selection series.

That’s all for now , I guess. I have more love – hate relationship with many characters who i can’t decide hug them or kill them.

Which characters would you curse if you get the chance? What do you think about my list? Are they similar or not similar to yours? Let’s talk.

Happy living

8 thoughts on “Hexes and Curses || Blogoween day 10”

    1. I hated her after first book. I know am being rude… But it didn’t suit her and the sole purpose am trying to read 4th book is because of Simon.


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