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Series Spotlight

Hey guys , I'm back with a Bookending summer prompt. I'm in crazy love with series for many reasons - being able to live with the characters and watch them grow (especially if it's a Middle Grade to YA , Yes I'm looking at you percy) , reading a lot about the world building and… Continue reading Series Spotlight

Summer Personified Characters in books and tv

Summer personified Characters

Prompt 2 of Bookending Summer!!!! Summer for me is burning sun and water scarcity . But focusing on the good side , it has its perks like vacation , lots of reading. The characters , summer personified characters are easy to spot. And they're present everywhere. In a friends group , book , movies ,… Continue reading Summer personified Characters

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Book review

Books that make me Angry

Books that make us go When Dimple Met Rishi One of my most unpopular opinionated books. When Dimple Met Rishi is supposedly a great YA Desi romance book according to many of my trusted friends. But I didn't dig it. At. All. There were many problems I faces with this one , but I'm just… Continue reading Books that make me Angry