12 diverse MG releases to look out in 2019

I've told this once and I'll tell it again. MiddleGrade genre itself is underrated . This list will feature the book releases I've come across which features PoC protagonists (most have them in the covers itself and will you look at this?!!!!!). Release date : September 3 Pages : 208 Summary :All Amara wants is… Continue reading 12 diverse MG releases to look out in 2019

Necromancy in books , fantasy and fiction.

Necromancy – Book recs

This post is completely dedicated to Necromancy - the art of summoning the dead . From works of fiction point of view with books featuring Necromancy. (Yes. An essential book recommendation post) Necromancy is the art of summoning the dead which has been discussed and argued with over years . It's an essential part of… Continue reading Necromancy – Book recs

Summer Personified Characters in books and tv

Summer personified Characters

Prompt 2 of Bookending Summer!!!! Summer for me is burning sun and water scarcity . But focusing on the good side , it has its perks like vacation , lots of reading. The characters , summer personified characters are easy to spot. And they're present everywhere. In a friends group , book , movies ,… Continue reading Summer personified Characters