Book review

I’ll be the one

CW : Fatphobia

I recently decided not to read YA romcoms unless it has somewhat serious notes.

*Insert gif , I’m getting too old for this crud*

But once I heard I’ll be the One has Bi Korean-American Fat Rep in a dancing & Singing competition , say no more.

I loved this article with the interview of Isabel Jones (who really has k-PoP dance videos and is a aspiring star) I waited for the day the ARC released and got it.

So saying this is one of my most anticipated releases is a really really understatement.

First and foremost, I’ll be the One is not *just* a cutesy Romcom. It tackles issues of fatphobia in a severe level. Skye deals with casual fatphobia on a daily basis in school and the competition doesn’t help.

While it has a (gorgeous) love interest and amazing scenes , I loved Sky’s confidence and determination more.

I loved when she gets tired, when she decides not to say anything , when she decides enough is enough. I loved and adored Sky so much.

There are moments where sky is shoved with the Korean culture fetishism because of the rise of k-pop where her fellow competitor brings Korean food and doesn’t believe sky when sky tells her it’s not supposed to be eaten alone but rather with a side dish .

I adored the relationships in the book . I expect a lot more to come and it’s similar to an underdog situation like any other book and we have great things to expect from I’ll be the one series

Lyla Lee’s pacing and somewhat predictable twists makes the book so interesting.

I’m gonna talk about something personal and what this book meant to me .

I wasn’t really a fat kid growing up . I wasn’t bullied like Sky here. But I got severely homesick and lived with just store bought food for a year in hostel. I had no friends and my early morning classes (seriously , it actually started 7 in the morning) made it hard for me to come home.

I didn’t know “depression” like I do now. But I was depressed. Naturally , everything piled on and I missed several classes and came home more often and put on like 20 kgs in just a few months.

The stares and the snide comments from everyone made me realize how awful this world is. I tried dieting and tried to exercise and everything. But it didn’t help.

Then I came home once the classes were over. I dropped a few kgs . I’m still not thin and most of my dresses had to be thrown away. But the comments still make me cringe.

I had doctors recommend thyroid tests to me because I looked(?!) fat. Which was totally unrelated to what I went over to check. I hated myself.

It has taken a long time to come in terms with my weight. While Lizzo , my *actual* friends and a lot of body positive stuff has helped me through , I’ll be the one truely touched me.

It sucks when everyone around is fatphobic and sucks even more when a family member is like that. But I urge you to read this because , I’ll be the one deserves to be read. Ofcourse It’s not a documentary or non fiction on fatphobia. But dealing with fatphobia in actual life and expecting to come through is the worst.

Everyone expects us to suck it up and move forward . But , honestly , it sucks. So much. The world will be good to be less fatphobic and more compassionate.

Have you read I’ll be the one? Do you have any recs like this for me?

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