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Mad , Bad & Dangerous to know Dreamcast + Review


My heart was soaring through the book with the amazing plot and fun mystery.

Khayyam is in Paris for her Summer vacation where she is ridiculed for her art essay for a Young scholar prize. After stepping in dog poop and feeling like a total screw up , Khayyam meets a cute french boy who might actually be a solution to her love life and her chance to get her Young Scholar Prize .

Why should you care / read / pre order Mad , Bad & Dangerous to know? Lemme explain.


Our MC khayyam , named after the famous Persian poet , Omar Khayyam .

She is

French American.
Indian American.
Muslim American.
Child of immigrants.

She’s the best Indian American portrayal I’ve seen so far (granted not many) , and Khayyam roxxxx. Khayyam is rightfully angry about Women’s voices being silenced all the time.

Meet the French hottie , Alexandre Dumas.

  • Hot
  • Cute
  • Tall
  • French
  • Descendant of “The Alexandre Dumas”

Alexandre has more layers than what I prematurely described. I can promise you he’s not another Étienne St. Clair . I can’t say more without giving out spoilers.

The Plot

Khayyam is invested in digging through Paris to find the voice that was lost in too many men’s narratives.

Leila just wants to live her life. Which her fate doesn’t let her. Leila struggles to live and breathe while fate tosses her around in it’s cruel hands. There’s more to her story than the men care to tell.

Khayyam’s determination to unravel the truth is the plot , really. While Khayyam ventures through Leila’s life connecting the dots , she can see herself reflected in many ways than she would’ve imagined (or preferred) .


Feminism , #TellHerStory is the theme of this book. Women get to tell their stories. They can’t just be muffled around all the time or seen through another male perspective.

This , obviously , isn’t the male bashing type people seem to think feminism is. I’m mentioning this in my review because this is the message I’m taking away from Samira. I would hate to see it misinterpreted or misunderstood. Let my fears be just paranoia.


This is the first full length Samira Ahmed’s novel I’ve read .

Her writing is mesmerising. The switching of PoV is so easy to navigate. Not just because of the font difference or the timeline difference.

Khayyam and Leila’s voices are totally unique and majestic in their own way which made me shed a few tears at some points. I loved Samira’s writing so much.

The direction the plot was taking is laid out in the first page. And the journey was so amazing. The pacing was even and .. if you haven’t noticed , I love this book. So . Damn. Much.


If you like
Young Adult contemporaries , or ,
diverse books , or ,
Specifically looking for Teen Muslim rep ,

I wholeheartedly recommend reading Mad , Bad & Dangerous to know. This will be a perfect summer read❤️

Thanks for reading my review.