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Thank YOU for 2019

Hey guys! My last post for the decade and 2019.

I didn’t have any elaborate plans in spending the new years except sleeping through when the celebration happens. (Yep , Adulting)

I’m gonna thank you , my followers , readers , for every single comment , like and follow through DMs. My blog is still small , but the love I’ve received in this blog is enormous.

My first thanks , for my first follower.

Rain @ Bookdragonism

Rain was one of the inspirations for my blog. Even with her insane schedule, she manages to rock her Twitter and maintain her blog. I’ve loved every single post of hers from her first , “why humans should start calling us bookdragons” . I love you Rain . I don’t think I’ve told you , you were the first follower of my blog . So thank you.

Blog Twitter Bookstagram

Next Up , Evelina !

Avalina is the sweetheart behind avalinahreads and I got my first and best ARC advice from her. You guys are probably familiar with her post with a real life publicity manager. But she was involved in the ARC help posts long before. I received her email about how to create a new account in edelweiss and NetGalley + do’s and Don’ts within the first months of my blogging.

Her feature new bloggers got me the most attention in the first few months. I got tagged for many posts and got a lot of appreciations.

Thanks Ava , I don’t think I’ll be in this position if not for your headstarts.

Twitter Etsyshop Bookstagram

Clo @ cuppaclo

Clo is the first person to help me with my disastrous blog’s colour schemes. I distinctly remember making a mess of a design for BEAutumn and asking her opinions and in return , she hooked me up with basic stuff and loads of links.

My blog is a little bit less of a mess , and I’ve been able to revamp it . It wouldn’t have happened this soon if it wasn’t for your help Clo! Love you.

Dini @ Novels and Nebulas

(Her new blog will be released soon enough , I’ll tag her when it becomes available)

Dini is the first big Indian blogger I followed . She has a Discord group with almost all of the amazing Indian bloggers , and a book club prioritising in Women of colour authored books.

I wouldn’t have known this amazing human being and made these awesome connections , if it wasn’t for your follow back. Thanks Dini!


Sahi @ Sahibooknerd

Sahi is one of the people I came to know so late which I regret. Sahi is an awesome blogger and an even awesome human being! Her blogging schedule doesn’t miss to amaze me even after all this time I’ve known her.

Her blog is one of the underappreciated review blogs I came to know . You should hit up a follow if you aren’t following her.

Thanks for being your awesome self Sahi!❤️

Blog Twitter

Maria @ ambivertwords😉

Maria , my amazing co blogger and a great cat mom , who helped me out a great deal with my blog when I was sick and has written a couple of posts which was well received !

Thanks for being the best Maria! I love you !

Ahana @ ToHeartsContent

Ahana is another amazing bookdragon I met in Dini’s group. She’s a full time blogger and our reading taste is almost similar.

I’ve yet to talk a lot to you! But you’re supercool!

Shruti @ thisislit

Shruti is the only literary fiction blogger I’ve made friends with , and she’s super cool and so is her blog! She has a booktube now and you should give her a follow!

Her tone and language is super witty and sarcastic ! And she’s a super funny person herself! (Pretty much the same , but you know me)

Booktube Twitter Blog

Fanna @ fannatality

Fanna is the mastermind behind South Asian Reading challenge , SARC2020.

Her reviews are utterly brilliant and I’ve always enjoyed her recs!


I’m not going to credit my Twitter and non blogging family because , idk how they’ll take it. But if you know me from my Hogwarts days , know that I love you and appreciate you so much for being in my life❤️

Book recs I’m thankful for

🌟Pride & Prejudice from Maria

🌟Aru Shah and the end of time from Dini

🌟Bromance book club from Sahi

🌟A spark of white fire from all the Indlit readathon team

🌟Cemetery boys from Shri @ Sunandchai

As always ,

Happy living

And Happy new year you guys!

Let 2020 be ,

The year of happiness &

The year of success

What are your plans for New year celebration? If I have missed your 2019 wrap up posts , link back to me ! I would love to read it.

5 thoughts on “Thank YOU for 2019”

  1. Awh Dany *sobs* look at your blog, it’s colour scheme is so pretteh and my heart is all warm and fuzzy, thank you for reaching out to me for advice ❤ I hope you have a wonderful end to 2019 and I'll see you in 2020 hehe, can't wait to see what's in store for you and your blog next year ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are a darling Dany and even though we met late, I’m so glad we did because I can’t imagine my day now without your lovely conversations 😍😍😍
    Beautiful post !!!


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