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Gilded king book review

Title: Gilded King
Author : Josie Jaffrey
Series : Sovereign Trilogy

Before the review , will you look at this cover?!!!!! Just ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

The Gilded king was fine. It has dual narratives and two story lines which almost never meets or collides .

The first one follows Julia , in Blue . She is being assigned as a (basically a blood donor) attendant to a vampire which she loathes.

The second one follows Cameron , a vampire while he searches for his long lost friend Emmy by venturing into the Red.

World Building

Josie has just mesmerised me with this intense and clear world building. The conflicts between Red and Blue has been handled amazing.

Blue is basically a caged community with Vampires and Humans.

Red is everything else. Besides that gate , everywhere is Red. With the dual PoV traveling in both these worlds , it’s never a bit confusing. The clash is perfect.

Relationships Both Julia and Cameron meet a lot of people through out the book and the platonic , romantic and hey-i-just-met-u relationships have been dealt well. There is no confusion and everyone behaves like an adult.


Gilded king is one of those books where I say , “this didn’t work for me , but it might work for you”It had specific tropes and points in characters which I simply hate for no reason (the tropes are reason enough honestly) like a plain Jane hating whoever loves fairy tales and just as much dresses up with sense , but ending up with the baddest boi who seems to be treating her amazing. I hate that.
And a girl looking down on other girls with the “I’M NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS” trope. Please.Are. U. Kidding. Me!And another point , Straight love NEVER tops gay stuff. Everyone should know that by now.

Plot The plot you ask. It was the fun. It promised a wild chase from the start but noooo it didn’t even got fast upto 70 percent.A camp and “a beauty and a beast” is not exactly fast or what we look for in YA fantasy + vampire + zombie book , you know?

Gilded king was… Meh. It’s perfect for vampire fans I guess? Or really slow moving fantasy fans?! *I got the review copy from the author for a blog tour . This in no way has affected my opinions.*

Happy living

Have you read this book??? Do you have any books you would recommend to people but personally hate??! Let’s talk!


5 thoughts on “Gilded king book review”

  1. Iโ€™ve had this for so long, but never had any urge to pick it up. I still might read it or at least give it a chance, but itโ€™s not really high on my want-to-read list right now

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    1. Gilded king is totally “It’s not the book , It’s me” kind of a book. If you are interested in vamps and dystopia , you should definitely give it a try. I had some specific trope issues with the MC , otherwise it’s an enjoyable read.


  2. Interesting review! I love vampires but the premise for the book looks kinda meh. I know exactly what you mean by recommending books but personally disliking them. I personally don’t like the renegades series that much but I still tell people to read them because I know others will really enjoy them.

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  3. I was so keen on this just from seeing the cover and reading the blurb… until you mentioned the tropes. Just nope. I can’t deal with those haha. You wrote a fantastic review though! โค Jen


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