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July Wrap up – Getting Used to awful study pressure and getting back on blogging

Hey guys , reading wrap ups are my fave posts in blogging!! And I had to miss it for some months due to my reading blocks , and study stuff. I got back on college and the study is killing my back and reading streak .

I got off my reading block after Bone witch and read an awful lot, of which I am really proud of!! I got myself a handful of ARCs and recently came into a ban. (Sobs)

I’ve missed blogging and Pinterest so much while getting used to studying as usual a.k.a all the time except eating , sleeping (who am I kidding) and reading, of course. I bid farewell to my bingewatching and twittering (a lil bit) .

I had a great birthday and many of my loved friends wished me!


A Spark of White Fire

I finished reading ASOWF for Indlitreadathon in July 6,7

A House of Rage and Storm

Stargazing for Beginners

I’ve been putting off this one for a lot of time , finally got around to finish in July.

Midsummer Mayhem

The Heart Forger


5 fantasy must reads for 2019

Posts I loved

Shri @ Sun and Chai discussed how siblings relationships are portrayed in fiction

SAHI @ My World of Books, recommends the best retellings inspired by Mahabarata

Charvi @ Not Just Fiction celebrated her 100th post with a list of her posts!

Happy living

How was your July? Are you taking up ARCaugust? Let’s talk.

3 thoughts on “July Wrap up – Getting Used to awful study pressure and getting back on blogging”

    1. Funny you would ask that😂. I’m shoving tis book in every fantasy lover’s faces. It’s really amazing even if you like low fantasy. It’s really beautiful Chana


  1. I hope your coming back to college was good! (if we remove the studying part, of course, ahaha) – Every time school starts back I find myself missing it a little .. but after my accounting course was such a flop and I FINALLY paid my loan entirely, do I really want all that back? … I don’t even know what I wanna do, still, so 🤷🏽‍♀️


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