Book review

ARC August – me taking my reviewing responsibilities serious.

Hey guys , as you know I’m basically under a big load of ARCs (thankfully those are digital otherwise I would have been revenged by them)

I have no shame to say I have 30 ARCs until February 2020 to read and review. I’ve been given a responsibility and I intend to fulfill it.

Who am I kidding???

I’m holding myself responsible to read atleast 10 ARC to get hold of my ARC pile. (Not tryna hold my life cz it’s only possible if cyborgs and witches takeover)

I’m planning on finishing atleast a row of the bingo.

I Don’t have any idea which row , but I’m just gonna choose a book for every prompt and adjust at the end.

  • Finish 1 sci fi

I do not have any sci fi.

  • Finish 1 ARC

  • Finish a graphic novel

Black mage

  • Finish 1 “author I’ve read before

The Dragon Republic

  • Finish a 2020 release

Wicked as You wish

  • Book without a girl in the cover

Natalie Tan’s Book of luck and fortune

  • Finish 1 Fantasy

  • Finish 1 ARC that has magic , dragon , elves

Shadow Frost

  • Meet your ARC August goal

Which is 10 ARCs. let’s see.

  • Finish a 2019 release

Every ARC I have is 2019 🤷

  • Finish an ARC has pirates / thieves

Serpent and Dove

  • Finish a 2018 release

Progress Tracker

August 2 : Finished the Twelve

August 6 : Finished Ronaldo and The Phantom Carrot Snatcher

Finished 100 days of sunlight

August 7 : Finished the Dragon Republic

August 13 : Finished Natalie Tan’s book of luck and fortune

August 15 : Finished Ronaldo : Rudi ‘ s birthday extravaganza

August 17 : Finished The Wedding Party

August 21 : Finished The Shadow Glass

Happy living

Are you guys participating? Wanna buddy read? You know where to find me.

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