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Hey guys , I’m back with a Bookending summer prompt.

I’m in crazy love with series for many reasons – being able to live with the characters and watch them grow (especially if it’s a Middle Grade to YA , Yes I’m looking at you percy) , reading a lot about the world building and fangirling over it! and many more.

My top 5 is all epic fantasy (No surprise there)

I’m just gonna spotlight on some series I read this year!

Bone witch Trilogy by Rin Chupeco

I came to read this series in this year and god bless Sourcebooks fire in Edelweiss for having all the books in this series as ARC . I’ve read the first two books and waiting for approval of the third!

It’s a really underrated gem with GORGEOUS world building, swoonworthy romance , lyrical and spellbinding writing. I loved the dual narrative , the one from older tea’s perspective and the one from Bard who narrates the present Tea’s life.

Pros : Necromancy done right

Cons : You’ll be in a book hangover for weeks.

A spark of white Fire by Sangu Mandanna

Based on Indian Epic Mahabarata , ASoWF is a Desi space adventure with royalty , cousins vendetta and basically everything Indian from food to names.

Pros : Experience the narrative in a great detail with meddling of gods.

Cons : Might be a little irritating if you know Mahabarata by heart

Numina Trilogy By Charlie Holmsberg

Another underrated Gem by Charlie Holmsberg. The third and final instalment of this series releases this September.

Paired with amazing world building and shaman – similar magic system Charlie waves a gorgeous fantasy.

Pros : enemies to friends to lovers , fast paced storyline with amazing twists

Cons : the twist might kill you

Mirror Visitor Series

Written in French , the world where people have unique abilities and gods a.k.a ancestors live beneath the people and decide how the world works Christelle Dabos has written a mesmerising tale and the translation has been done magnificent.

Pros : Slow burn romance , court politics,

Cons : Books are lengthy and the world building might be overwhelming.

Last but not least

Poppy War By Rebecca F. Kuang

I honestly don’t know what to say about this one , other than throw the book on you and yell at you to read it.

Diverse fantasy set in a world where our MC tries to get away from a marriage and studies her ass off to get into a college which (obviously) gets more complicated with the war and Rin discovering her abilities.

Pros : I assure you won’t get over this series anytime sooner.

Cons : Adult fantasy with trigger warning like death , bloodshed and a lot of death.

Have you guys read any of these books? Do you have any recommendations for me?? Let’s talk

Happy living

7 thoughts on “Series Spotlight”

  1. Ahhhh! Dany! I’ve been hearing so much about Poppy War. You’ve got my reader instincts tingling ❤️

    I’m not too much into the necromancy vibe thing, but I’ve been hearing so much about the Bone Witch series

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