Necromancy – Book recs

This post is completely dedicated to Necromancy – the art of summoning the dead . From works of fiction point of view with books featuring Necromancy. (Yes. An essential book recommendation post)

Necromancy is the art of summoning the dead which has been discussed and argued with over years . It’s an essential part of epic fantasy.

I’ve been interested in fantasy for a long long time and Necromancy is something almost all fantasy worlds and works have in common.

Though Necromancy is usually seen as evil or taboo , it is also seen as a good thing while missing our loved ones.

Necromancy in fantasy and fiction

Lord Voldemort:

As if I even start with anything else.

Lord Voldemort , the main villain of the story is interested and seen practicing Necromancy. During the First Wizard War , he summons army of dead to fight for him . We also know about the hocruxes.

Nico and Bianca Di Angelo

In the Percy Jackson and the olympians series , we meet the siblings Bianca and Nico Di Angelo who are kids of Hades with the power to summon the dead.

And Nico has a zombie chauffeur which is just cool as hell! (Pun intended)

You’ve gotta check out the best fun filled low fantasy middle grade Greek mythology inspired Percy Jackson series.


Bryce is from Heroes of Olympus who is the descendant of Orcus the roman god of punishment and broken oaths. He is banished from camp Jupiter by another main character for killing his own centurion.


Sabrina is from archie comic world , whose family deals with Necromancy as a profession and their cover .

Sabrina is essentially from a comic book which I haven’t had a chance to read. But the Netflix series is amazing and do check it.

Spellwork syndicate

I don’t know if you guys are familiar with this series , but there are actual witches with Necromancy abilities here.

Anise Wise (MC) bakes!!! Delicious magical macroons and chocolates and yummmmy food. Check out this delicious series if you’re a fantasy junkie like me (apt for low and high fantasy fans)

Tea phalvi

Best for the last. Written with a great world building , we have our protagonist tea with her three headed dragons .

Tea is a trained dark asha who essentially summons evil creatures (which resurrects on a regular basis) and sends them back to death over a regular period of time.


20 thoughts on “Necromancy – Book recs”

  1. One of my favorite books from years back is the Darkest Powers trilogy by Kelley Armstrong. The main character is a necromancer and it’s a paranormal/urban fantasy series. I really want to reread it but I’m always anxious about rereading childhood favourites. 😅

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  2. Percy Jackson is on my tbr, those characters sound interesting. I watched the first series of Sabrina but felt the devil worship was a bit outdated so I stopped watching. :/


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