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How I got 97k views in Pinterest within 4 months without paying a single dime

Hey guys , I was thinking about writing this blog post forever but got anxious . I thought I won’t be good enough and postponed by saying I’ll write it by 25k and then 50 k and then 100k. Since I’m so close to reaching it and probably reached it by the time you’re reading this.

  • Business account

The first step is to convert your pinterest account from personal to business . This has no added cost or any Instagram-like hidden traps. Business account is helpful and shows more statistics like how much your pin has reached , clicked and pinned . Like this ,

It’s just a collage of covers for the post my friend/co-blogger wrote. But the pinning in various boards and the writing description gave this views.

And your account will look much more professional.

You can select a board’s pins to appear in the background. The default is latest pins , but you should choose your blog’s board to clearly state the business. I have it as my review board.

Business account gives the option to claim our website by editing the HTML of our blog’s header too . I’ve been told that’s possible if you’re self – hosted which I’m not.

  • Graphics size

If you use Canva (which you are or you should) like me , always , I repeat ALWAYS use the blog graphic/Pinterest graphics size i.e , 800px × 1200px. You can of course , pin any sized picture in Pinterest. But the Pinterest sized ones are the ones that gets in the home.

Follow me

  • Stick with your Niche

This one’s real obvious. If you’re a book blogger (like me) stick and pin stuff related to books. If you’re a book blogger and pinning 1000 pins to your dress board , sorry it won’t keep your views growing. And vice versa for fashion bloggers pinning fandom stuff.

I’ve read a lot of posts saying not to keep even one board not relating to your blog. Which is wrong because my views are divided with book quotes board and my blog board.

  • Join Group boards

Group boards are usually easy to find and the one’s I’m in are all friendly. Every board’s suggestions vary but basically they’re

  1. Not to pin repeatedly (a.k.a do not pin your one fave pin 20 times a day)
  2. DM the board’s creator and be nice
  3. Do Not pin random pins or pins that aren’t yours.

But before joining the board , make sure the board has more reach than your account. Having a 30 k view and joining a group board with 5k view is nothing but a pain .

  • Pin pin pin

Create several boards for the same stuff . I have one board with all my pins , a review board , and a blog posts to read board (which is really less actually , I have to create more).

Pin your pins (lol) repeatedly. But not all at once. Save one single pin multiple times to many boards in regular intervals.

And be sure to pin other’s pins too. Always be supportive and it will get you better views.

  • Followers don’t mean everything

Lemme tell you this. I have less than 100 followers. But some people who have 1000 followers don’t get as much as reach as me. So don’t obsess over followers. Even if you have only one , and if the one person is active I promise reach.

Having a good follow back is great and all , but it doesn’t mean everything.

  • Be Active

I can not stress this enough. Be active and pin as much as you can. I’ve read stuff like pinning 5-30 pins everyday. But it isn’t practical or possible . So try to pin as much as possible whenever possible. If you have time but don’t have new pins , just repin.

  • Try to be the first to introduce something new

This one applies to every blogger out , I guess . It Maybe a new book cover release , or product launch or a travel destination you discovered. Be the first to pin with the perfect words.

It will get you more views than anything and get the top portion of the search for years. I did it for tyrant’s tomb book and it legit got me 1k views. It’s the easiest too you just have to be there in time and no creativity included (which is why I prefer this)

  • Graphics get more views than bookstagram pics

I’ve seen this happening. A lousy graphics with basic fonts gets more views than the 1 hour efforted bookstagram pics.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t pin your bookstagram or instagram pics , but graphics is what runs Pinterest.

Why pinterest?

It feels kinda silky even to write it because Pinterest is becoming huge everyday and we obviously need it in case instagram shuts itself down (don’t glare at me , hasn’t it happened at all??)

Pinterest helps us pick up the traffic so much. I’m still a smol blogger and don’t have much views or stat , but Pinterest has helped me with the traffic nonetheless.

It’s third overall and the difference between twitter and Pinterest is so small.

Do you guys have any more tricks?? Do you like Pinterest?? Let’s talk

Happy living


8 thoughts on “How I got 97k views in Pinterest within 4 months without paying a single dime”

  1. I always bookmark “how Pinterest helped me get more views” posts, but never use them on Pinterest. Mostly because I just can’t seem to figure out the app!

    I should set time aside and try to figure out just what Pins and Boards are soon. 😂 Thanks for the post! ❤️

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