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Three step guide on How to review an ownvoice book if you’re not an ownvoice reviewer

This feels like an important topic nowadays with all the “not enough diversity” and “too much diversity” comments.

  • Research

Ownvoice book reviewing process

If you really wanna comment on the author’s choice of world building and character’s choices of an ownvoice book , please research. Google is the best thing ever and you can learn a lot of stuff about a culture if you care and want to comment.

  • Chat with other reviewers

This is a really good option since all of us book reviewers and bloggers are from all over the world . If you have any doubts about a particular point concerning the culture the author has chosen to write , please talk with other reviewers who are from the same background. I’m sure you can find someone who has read that book and is willing to help you.

  • Don’t be harsh

This one is an option which is always available , but doesn’t seem acceptable. Just read it and review it without offensive comments. If you don’t share the point of view of the author , don’t be harsh. There are many points to discuss other  than the diversity.

4 thoughts on “Three step guide on How to review an ownvoice book if you’re not an ownvoice reviewer”

  1. One thing I always like doing when I read an Own Voices book that I’m not Own Voices for is to go read reviews by Own Voices reviewers when I finish the book. Sometimes when I read a book I see something that I think might be a bit iffy, but I’m not totally sure, so I check out reviews to check if people who are actually part of the minorities represented in the book had any issues with the things that stood out to me.

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  2. This is a great post. These seem like such common sense to me but it needs to be said.

    Personally, if I come across diverse or ownvoice books, particularly if it’s highly discussed diversity, I always try to link my personal review to an ownvoice review. And I try to be clear that it is not something I can comment on, at least not authetically and accurately.

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    1. IKR. These are basic decencies to follow. But it needs to be told every single time. It’s amazing idea how you mention that is not for you to comment on. Thanks for reading my post .Happy living.


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