Summer personified Characters

Prompt 2 of Bookending Summer!!!!

Summer for me is burning sun and water scarcity . But focusing on the good side , it has its perks like vacation , lots of reading.

The characters , summer personified characters are easy to spot. And they’re present everywhere. In a friends group , book , movies , TV shows EVERYWHERE.

Here’s Charvi‘s post which you guys should check out for this prompt!


  • Always Cheery

Summer personified people are the ones who seem like they cannot have a bad day ever. They’ll be like “I’m not gonna talk about inside dying and outside Laughing because, it would kill the mood .”

  • Finding a silver lining

Remember that friend in third grade who fell and knocked out his/her teeth? They came out laughing with blood pouring out of their mouth and say they’ll be visited by tooth fairy? Yep.

  • Supports everyone

They support everyone! Every single person they meet. And they’ll be defending them too. This might be a little drawback since they aren’t fun to trash talk.

  • Couldn’t hate anyone fundamentally

They are still friends with the person who throws burger at them. Do you know that person? Yes. Yes they do.

  • Couldn’t be Hated

However hard you try , you couldn’t hate them . They’ll be laughing (sometimes a bit creepy) and be warm everytime you try to picture them. So all the best for being with that person or being that person.

Summer and the characters remind us of summer. Let’s take a look at this with our beloved tv/book characters !


Yes , Joey is the total summer person who is fun and warm to be around. I love him and I know you do too!

Joey supports everyone and the most underrated character who practically lived for his friends and easily went unnoticed and left alone.

Will Solace

Will-freaking-awesome-solace is the bestest summer child we could ask for!!!!

Will is kinda the literal summer person being the son of sun and all! He is warm , comfy and a great person who’s comfortable who he is and who he’s with😉

Mrs. Weasely

Duh! Molly weasely is the mom and the kinda person who makes everyone wanna hangout with them.

Molly is an amazing cook with a warm heart. She’s kind and frankly , she’ll do anything for her kids.

Nikolai Lantsov

Nikolai is from Grishaverse. My man now has his own duology!

Nikolai lantsov Grishaverse king of scars

Nikolai is fun charming and determined. You can’t see him hating anyone or showing any kind of emotions other than happy. He is the best 🤩😍😍😍

Leo Valdez

Also known as Commander Tool Belt, Bad Boy Supreme, Mijo, Admiral Leo, Super-sized McShizzle, Latino Santa’s Elf, Leonidas, Uncle Leo, Supreme Commander of the Argo II, Flaming Valdez

Yes , Heroes of Olympus got Two slots in my list.

Leo Valdez bad boy supreme all da ladies luv leo son of Hephaestus

Leo Valdez is the mighty son of Hephaestus , Fanboy and the awesome seventh wheel in the series! He is loved by fangirls all over the world for his creations and character!

Did you like my picks? Who do you think is summer Personified in your fave series? Let’s talk!

Happy living


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