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April Wrap Up and short summary of me screaming and melting

Hey guys , April is finally over. Summer isn’t even officially started , the temperature is basically boiling. And of course, exams has to be held in may and people get to suffer through afternoon session exams. Besides feeling like living in the sun , April was fine as summer can get.


Books Read

The Poppy war

Trigger warnings : Self – abuse , Abuse , Suicide , Rape , Genocide , Cruel happening of war , Animals dying , and especially Death.

Plus : Amazing chinese epic fantasy must read with shaman myths

Minus : Near perfect book and you might die because of the perfectness.

Yay you’re gay , Now what


Genre : Non fic

Plus : Yay You’re gay gives an interesting overview and run ins about everything one might deal with while identifying or coming out to parents.

Minus: While many countries and many people are still homophobic , it promises more of a rainbow roses situation while its not.

Myths and Mortals (Numina trilogy)


Plus : Great plot with even faster moving pace. No second book syndrome and even better that the first one.

Minus : The main characters were pining on for too long.

Girls of Paper and Fire


Plus : Asian inspired epic fantasy with court politics and lgbtq+ rep.

Minus : I didn’t find any.

As kismet would have it by Sandhya Menon


You will love it if you have loved dimple met rishi.

Radioactive evolution by Richard Hummel


Plus : fast paced dystopia with weird creatures and ofcourse , dragons.

Minus : A bit bloody for my taste.

The Tiger At Midnight


Plus : An Indian based epic fantasy with amazing slow burn romance.

Minus : Pace might not work for you if you don’t dig slow burns.

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

Plus : Nina is a great read for everyone who’s looking for a good book for a warm evening or a beach read.

Minus : Slow pace might not work for you.

Aru Shah and the end of time


Plus : Promising first book with great characters . Both the introduced and mythological characters were amazing.

Minus : Aru was promised to deliver a PJO with Indian myth and delivers it , nothing more or less.

When Dimple met Rishi


Plus : Cheesy romance , might work for you.

Minus : white washed trashy romance with bad rep. (I’m an ownvoice reviewer and you can check my review/rant here)

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How was your april?? Did you watch endgame? Lets talk.


8 thoughts on “April Wrap Up and short summary of me screaming and melting”

  1. Woo, you seem to have read a lot of books in April and loved most of them!
    That’s really good to hear πŸ™‚
    I did watch Endgame and I absolutely loved it even though ti was kind of heartbreaking! What about you?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I couldn’t watch it since it didn’t release in englishe version where I live. (Stupid people dubbed it ugh). I’m waiting to see it in tv tho


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