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Is Organisation the bane of our existence?

Ok , there is a slight possibility that I’ve changed the title and the prompt of this post. But I am gonna be speaking about something that has bothered me for my entire existence. So get ready.

I am a person who is weird (that goes without saying , but still) . I hate my bag or desk unorganised but never ever clean or organise my closet or anything inside it. I have one file which has everything important in a place while my dad and mom have like 40 files?! organised on the basis of importance , necessary (a.k.a need it every week?) , and some other files for xerox copies organised in different manner.

Now , you might’ve guessed where I’m going with this. For me , a messy home (or closet in this case) is a lived home. I clean my room with hate (gonna be sleeping on the bed, why clean the place where u walk? What’s the point?)

I have been adviced on this from probably every single person from my friend group , peer group and of course relatived (ugh) .

But , Organisation just looks good (for some people). And it is a waste of time. Why bother with something you don’t enjoy for some people who don’t even care about you?

I’ve known many humans who are neat and organized as a prick who can’t find anything in their house.

Meanwhile , I may be a clutter but i never have difficulty in searching or packing bags.

If I go to my friend’s home (which is clean obviously) I really have difficulty in touching anything while they ask for it. It doesn’t even feels like a home .

Funny story :

I had(past) a friend’s home in two streets distance. Her mom is the kind of aunt you know who cleans the TV while you’re watching or cleans the floors while you’re walking. When i went to their home , they had a guest and he pointed out her cleanliness and asked her , if she thought he was bringing dirt and sand.

A huge fight broke. I was in the middle of it and uncomfortable as always. While I left and my friend came to bid farewell to me , I said he wasn’t wrong entirely. Bam , i was never invited to their home again (which is a good thing , I’m telling u)

Anyway , I’m not saying people shouldn’t be clean or neat (I couldn’t even if I wanted to) . But dear cleanliness is the must people ,

I don’t keep the places you see “unclean” . Don’t open the closet or touch something you’re not supposed to and advice me.

I know I’m screaming to the void here cz no one I know irl read my blog. But if you’re the kinda person who advices to keep things clean, please leave that person alone . If they haven’t listened to you for 20 times , they definitely won’t for the 21st time.

Thank you!

Happy living

Are you an organised person or unorganized person? What do you think of my rant?

2 thoughts on “Is Organisation the bane of our existence?”

  1. Well I am a clean person mostly but messy. Very messy. I do organize things once in a while. But it messed up always, obviously. And I organize them again…once in a thousand years😂…and say that I am pretty organized person😂…because I organize them EVERY thousand year!!!!

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