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Rating system – Bloggers in the attic

I’m part of the discussion chain run by Cami where bloggers join together and discuss about the topic chosen.

This month’s discussion topic is rating systems and all things related to them. You can follow all the posts on twitter using #DiscussionAttic, and #DAApril for this month’s topic specifically.

Bloggers in the Attic

The Bloggers in the Attic is a discussion chain. Camile and 11 of us bloggers (number may change) unite together, select a topic and during the arc of a month, we all discuss it in our respective blogs.

The discussion turns go bi-monthly. We have a Discord server where all details are set and decided, so if you wish to join, keep this into consideration.

My Rating System

I’ve always had problems with goodreads since they don’t have any kind of decimal system. I used to give .25 to .75 stars in my blog before. But it lead to more and more confusion.

Then I adapted a system for it which has been quite effective for me. Either I have a steady idea for (which is usually the case) or i have confused emotions (the beginning was better and end wasn’t or vice versa) . I use a time constrinct of 10 to 15 minutes to lie down and think (do NOT nap , I repeat Do Not Nap which i end up doing) about the plot and the ending and how it affected me or how it has on others. I get an idea usually by then.

Roughly i can summarise my rating system as ,

🌟 – do not touch this book and bonus points for swatting away the hands of people who do.

🌟🌟 – Probably lied about something massive or disappointing in the summary ( read it at your own risk , but I prefer if you don’t)

🌟🌟🌟 – Not my type. Proceed with caution.

🌟🌟🌟🌟 – Good enough , yes please read (I do send daggers for my peeps if they don’t add it in their tbr or read them , yes i love you)

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 – How can you live without reading it??? Read the book!!!!

I love every kind of rating system , but the standard out of 5 is really comfortable. It’s easy to navigate and to know whether the person has liked the books or not.

Rating is subjective

Rating like all the other things in life , is subjective. For me , I’ll consider the books or movies given 3.5 or above on 5 as a good rating.


3rd – Clo @Book Dragons

5th – The Librarian @The Unseen Library

8th – Lauren @Northern Plunder

12th – Isabelle @Bookwyrm Bites

15th – Ben @Books With Ben

18th – Nora @Papertea and Flowers

20th – Kerys @The Everlastin Library

22nd – Anthony @Keep Reading Forward

25th – Kal @Reader Voracious

27th – Me

29th – Rain @Bookdragonism


6 thoughts on “Rating system – Bloggers in the attic”

  1. I agree when you say that rating is extremely subjective.
    Unlike you, for me, 3 means that it was pretty good and I recommend it and I liked it a lot but gave it 3 because the start was slow/the ending was stretched.
    And I love that GIF! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

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