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Bookish Academy Award Tag

I’ve been tagged by the Sahi for this tag. I’ve had the chance of meeting this amazing human being in a discord group created by dini!! Both of them are so awesome persons . Follow them if you don’t already.

I’ve changed the categories a little bit . But I’ve posted the original categories for anyone who wants to do this.

  • Best Male Protagonist who you fell in love with in the first page

Percy (the sassinator) gets the best protagonist ever written.!

He’s hot , I’ve watched him grow up , fall in love and go through so much struggles. Hes the bestest ever.

  • Best Female Protagonist you wanted to marry

I’m choosing one protagonist who I’ve never had a problem with for this one. So Alina Starkov gets the best female protagonist award (Yay)

  • Best Plot Twist that wanted to peel eyes out for not seeing that coming

The Fault in our stars. People who have read this book probably know what I’m talking about. This is the only John Green book I’ve read till date.

  • Book Cover you want to wear as a dress

I loved the cover of tiger at midnight so much. Even though girls of paper and fire come close , tiger of midnight is an Indian based fantasy and the cover is so gorgeous

  • Sidekick who’ll kick your ass if you call them that

Ronald Weasley from Harry potter. Ron is definitely far from being a sidekick. But he wasn’t a protagonist and didn’t get a pov.

Male sidekick : Ronald weasley

Female sidekick : Samantha Dutton (Sam) from Perks of Being A wallflower

Sam is a lovable amazing character. She is definitely not flawless and more than just a love interest. She encourages and always stands by Charlie.

  • Best Couple/Romance you grinned until your teeth aches

Four and Tris from Divergent Trilogy.

I loved them so much. Their story was so different from the usual love stuff we read. It wasn’t technically Insta love but I loved how Veronica built the relationship.

  • Most Unique Plot/World that wanted you to pack ur bag and go there

Hogwarts! My loyalty always lies and will die at Hogwarts!!

  • Bearable Book-to-Movie Adaptation which you didn’t made you yell more than one time in the theatre

The Kissing booth by Beth Reekles. The book was not good and I dnf’d it. But the Netflix movie was so good.

  • Best Animated Feature (Best Children’s Book)

I had an opportunity to read Kooky kids club by Robbie Yates for a blog tour .

This book follows our protagonist Maxine who is quirky and reated as an outcast in class until she gets invited to a club for quirky kids. This book is so fun and awesome

  • Best New-to-You Author in your auto buy list (if u have one unlike me)

I actually discovered almost all famous authors this year. But I’m gonna give this one to Uncle Rick cuz I don’t think he’ll ever stop writing or I ever stop reading his books.

  • Best Novella/Short book that ended in the blink of eye

I really don’t have anything for this category. The short books I’ve read were mostly spin offs for series. So i don’t know how that works or if it counts

  • Best Standalone you wish it was’nt a standalone

The tale of two daddies and the tale of two mommies. Its the best picture book. Its not exactly standalone or companion book.

These books venture lesbian/gay parenting from the perspective of a child. Its so awesome. I really wih there’ll be more books like this.

  • Best Historical Fiction which made you regret not being born then

The King’s Curse by Philippa Gregory. This is actuall the only historic fic I’ve read to date i guess. That’s not my cup of tea.

  • Best Audiobook you mistook as music

I read (heard) Grimm fairy tales from Librovox . I loved the stories. Its the only audiobook to date I heard but its still amazing.

  • Best Book With Diverse Representation

I didn’t read many books with rep but nonetheless I would give this to Heroes Of Olympus . There were amazing PoC and Lgbt rep.

Original categories

Best Actor (Best Male Protagonist)

Best Actress (Best Female Protagonist)

Best Cinematography (Best Plot Twist)

Best Costume Design (Best Book Cover)

Best Supporting Actress and Actor (Best Female and Male Sidekicks)

Best On-Screen Kiss (Best Couple/Romance)

Best Original Screenplay (Most Unique Plot/World)

Best Adapted Screenplay (Best Book-to-Movie Adaptation)

Best Animated Feature (Best Children’s Book)

Best Director (Best New-to-You Author)

Best Short-Film (Best Novella/Short book)

Best Picture (Best Standalone)

Best Documentary (Best Historical Fiction)

Best Original Soundtrack (Best Audiobook)

Best Foreign Film (Best Book With Diverse Representation)

Thanks for reading my post. I tag everyone who’s loving this tag!!

Have you done this tag? Do you agree with my opinions?

Happy living


12 thoughts on “Bookish Academy Award Tag”

  1. Great tag, I really enjoyed reading your answers, I totally agree about The Tiger at Midnight cover as a dress, it would be gorgeous! And I am a girl who’s like ‘yes, yes I do bleed Hogwarts’ so I can totally relate to you on that! Hope you had fun writing this because I certainly had fun reading it!

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