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Women’s day special bloggers adoring authors feature

Hey guys, the most awaited (a little late) women’s day special post is here on my blog. I really wanna take a moment (nap) to thanks all these awesome people who agreed to my feature in such a short notice. I really owe you big time guys. Thanks a lot. Let the fangirling begin.

Jayati adores Tahereh Mafi

Tahereh Mafi is an Iranian-American author most famously know for her book, Shatter Me. She is an inspiration and motivation to me. She is a great writer and has achieved a lot through the course of her life. The reason I adore her is her book, A Very Large Expanse of Sea which talks about Shirin, a Muslim living in America post 9/11.

Through the story, we see glimpses of how Tahereh must have survived those years and that is what I commend the most. Her being able to bare parts of her soul in a book that thousand millions will read. I love how she deals with an important issue in the society.
Other than that, I adore her writing skills and ability to captivate her readers.
She is someone I really look upto and one day, I hope to write a book even half as good as any of hers.
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Rain@bookdragonism adores Roshani Chokshi

You know you love an author when you’ve sworn to support them all your life even if you haven’t read all of their books yet. That’s my case with Roshani Chokshi. Even if I’ve only read two of her books (plus one short story), I already consider her as one of my most favorite authors.

Of course I’ve heard of her before but I haven’t really read any of her works until Aru Shah and the End of Time completely stole my heart. There are hardly any Filipino representation in the traditional publishing business and reading about Mimi (a character from Aru Shah) who is half-Filipino made me incredibly happy. Her latest book, The Gilded Wolves, also features a Filipino-Spanish character. Let it be known that I will die for Enrique and I can’t wait to see him again soon. Seeing my culture, my history, and my language written on the pages of her books is nothing short of fulfilling.

With her descriptive writing style, well-written representation, and lovable characters, there’s no wonder that Roshani Chokshi is truly one of the best authors of all time.
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Charvi @ not.just.fiction adores Becky Albartalli and Sandhya Menon

*peeps in from the void where she has been spending her life*


I’m Charvi and you might have heard of me probably haven’t heard of me but I blog at Not Just Fiction and today I’m going to be blabbering talking about female authors that I absolutely adore. And when I mean adore I mean would-shatter-my-soul-into-pieces-and-burn-down-the-world-for-you adore. Just so that we’re all on the same page:)

And quick thanks to Dany for inviting me on her blog for this woman’s day special post.

Becky Albertalli

Right, anyone who knows an inkling about me knows that I absolutely stan Becky Albertalli- queen of writing diversity and LGBT characters, owner of the characters in history, killer of readers(weapon of choice is fluffy stories) and lover of Oreos. She’s well known for writing Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda and if you’ve not heard of it then your life is absolutely worthless.

Sandhya Menon

Another female author I recently gave my heart away to is Sandhya Menon: queen of desi stories, killer of hearts(weapon of choice: adorable characters), breaker of Indian stereotypes and possibly the kindest and most wholesome human on this planet. Honestly, Sandhya ‘s books have me floored because we’re finally seeing Indian characters in such different aspects with such varied personalities and in roles that throw stereotypes out of the windows. And yet they’re all still so relatable? As an own voice reader I’ve never found anyone who wrote such compelling Indian character

And the fact that Sandhya is including so many important issues like fatphobia, feminism, independent women and so many more absolutely blows my mind. Also she’s A+ when it comes to replying to readers comments and tweets and fanart- YOU NAME IT! The number of times I’ve died whenever she replied to me is- how do you expect me to keep track?!? And if you’re on Instagram you’ll find her giving so many tips on topics like plotting, anxiety, writing with mental health and just being a real life cinnamon roll.

So go do yourself a huge favour and pick up one of her beautiful books! She so has a series of fantasy fairytale retellings centered around Indian characters aka she’s going to go from conquering the YA genre to absolutely slaying the fantasy genre like a queen

If you need any more information on these two wonderful women don’t go to Wikipedia or their personal sites, just come to me okay, I got you covered. Plus I have Oreos. Just be aware that you’ll be dealing with an intensely passionate fangirl and rest we’re all good 🙂

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Clo @ Cuppaclo adores Chloe Neill

Aaaah firstly, thank you Dany for asking me to be part of this cool post. Secondly, I’m going to be shrieking about Chloe Neill because she’s my all time favourite author and there’s a few things I really admire about her. If you don’t know of her books then she’s got Devils Isle series (4 books), Chicagoland Vampires series (13 books), Dark Elites (3 books) and Heirs of Chicagoland (2 books have been confirmed in this series)

Now I fell in love with her Chicagoland Vampires series, which I shriek about on my blog pretty regularly. It led me to wanting to read ALL her books. Whilst I could shriek about her books till the cows come home…I wanted to talk about the main reason I admire her as an author. Chloe typically publishes two books a year, that’s a lot of writing, editing, drafting and what not. However…being an author isn’t her full time job.

She has a regular job as well which basically allows her to keep writing, so when she finishes work on one book and hands it in. She then returns to her normal job and I just…I admire her so much for that. She manages to get two books out in a year usually, her writing is amazing and I adore it. On top of that though she’s juggling a normal job and I think that’s what made a light bulb go off in my head. Not all authors are able to be full time authors, sometimes it’s just not possible and I admire all authors who are full time and can be an author full time. But I also admire those who have to juggle things and yet their work still makes me swoon, wail, shriek and sob.

Chloe’s website

Chloe’s website

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Me (DANY) adoring Angie Thomas

One of the important women authors I look upto is Angie Thomas. She wrote YA contemporary fiction The hate you give in 2017 and On the come up in 2019.
Angie has witnessed a gunshot when she was 6 and been given insights on the true colors of the world by her mom , and this has been her inspiration for writing.

I read THUG (The Hate you give) sometime last year. A fact that I’m not proud of is my complete ignorance on the black lives matter campaign or the problems African – Americans face in US. THUG not only sheds light on that perspective , personally gave me inspiration for removing toxic people , standing up for what we believe and much more. This is one truly epic story of Starr Carter which changed my view and mindset on many things.

Did you guys like thr post?? Are any of tuem your fave blogger or author?? Let’s talk.

Happy living

Disclaimer : the graphics in charvi’s post on Becky and sandhya belongs to herself , graphic on chloe neill belongs to


6 thoughts on “Women’s day special bloggers adoring authors feature”

  1. Thank you so much for including me Dany! And this is such a great post.
    I have heard so much about all the authors on here even though I haven’t read books by all of them! They are all such inspirations and motivations and well, I look up to all of them.
    I have been wanting to read THUG for quite a long time and I think I’ll just go ahead and buy it sometime soon!
    Great post! xx


  2. Absolutely love this post! As I adore these authors and everything they do in and for the bookish community I stan this kind of content! It is always refreshing to see how much of an impact authors have from their reader’s perspectives! ❤


  3. This is a great post Dany. I met Sandhya Menon recently (I know I have spoken about it a 100 times already) and she is definitely as sweet and kind as anyone be.


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