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How to participate in tidyathon when you are the ruler of Procrastination?

Hey guys , welcome to my blog. I had almost 10 drafts for December readathon , tbr , and bookending winter. But guess what I did ? I decided to do a tidyathon.

Tidyathon is an event hosted by “the” two amazing bloggers. Check them out.

Step 1 : Check this link

We have to start our tidyathon by checking what is tidyathon and droping a like and follow.

Step 2 : Decision making

Decide whether you are going to do this or not by drafting 10 blog posts.

Step 3 : Award yourself

You made it past second step. You deserve a chocolate

Step 4 : Update your draft

Its difficult . I know. But we have to do this . Relax , take a nap. And decide what to tidy and update your blog post.

Step 5 : More chocolate

You decided and almost finished editing. So more chocolate and then publish the post

Step 6 : Do it

Yes , we decided what to do and published the post. So lets start tidying. Lets start…. No more chocolate until you finish tidying. I said NO MORE CHOCOLATE. Go and tidy.

My to-do for tidyathon

  • Alter or delete some of the stupid reviews.
  • Edit and update a decent featured image for blogs.
  • Change my tagline in the blog.
  • Edit and schedule some more posts for December
  • Try and do some of the ARC reviews.

This is my to do list. I hope I accomplish atleast a few of them.

Are you participating in tidyathon? What are your views on tidyathon? Has my 7 step guide helped you? Lets talk.

Happy living

18 thoughts on “How to participate in tidyathon when you are the ruler of Procrastination?”

    1. This is my first year doing it and its a bit unrealistic to me😂😂. We all expect a little bit more , don’t we? And Yes , you deserve a big chocolate pack or cake or both. Reward yourself

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