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Top 5 Worlds I wanna live in

This is a weekly meme hosted by Shanah

This topic was due on November 13 but I loved this so much and have an opportunity to write this now. So why not?

With no surprise , 3 on 5 is magic schools..

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.


Should I even say more? I’m a huge potterhead . Ravenclaw and a Raverin…. So i will just trade my soul to Satan to just be there. Everything is awesome in the world j.k created.


  • The wundrous society has been my recent addition but has gotten a special place in my heart.
  • This a magical society where each and every mythical character ( except fae I guess) lives.
  • Our protagonist has been smuggled illegally by an important person in the society to go through some trials to live permanently in the society.

I am reading this book and loving it so far. So excited to lay hands on the next one.


This is the place where almost all of Grisha trilogy takes place. And I love Ravka and the Grishas. I definitely wanna learn in the school and become a Grisha. I took the quiz and got Corporalki , so it would be so fun to learn there.

Hecate Hall

This one is also a magic school where exiled kids study magic and many stuff. The series didn’t make a good impression on me , but the world sounded really cool.

Ogygia or Aiaia

Ok, I love both islands so much. And Circe and Calypso are so awesome in my opinion. So I would’ve loved to make friends with invisible servants or lioness respectively. Not to mention my life goal of becoming a witch .

Thanks for reading my post guys.

Where do you wanna visit if you’ve given the chance?? Do you agree with my choices?? Let’s talk.

Happy living

14 thoughts on “Top 5 Worlds I wanna live in”

  1. Yeah. They can but they get tricky with finding satan and giving a proper sacrifice and all u know. I have to find a proper book hater to sacrifice… Still finding the right people.


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