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Top 5 tropes – Please don’t write this any more.

Hey guys , this is top 5 tuesday hosted by Shana. Well , this is not this tuesday tag , but still…. crediting the owner.
This top 5 tuesday is 5 tropes I hate or don’t like , so lets begin . Shall we?

  • Love triangles

I’m really sick of love triangles. Its so irritating. Lets get creative people why not a love square or rectangle? Or just a love trope with world domination???

  • Abused kids

Yes , the reality is harsh. I get it. But almost all the leads of fantasy books whether YA or not has terrible childhood or being abised as kids. Please stop this.

  • Love at first sight

Pleeeeaseee. This doesn’t happen. Like , being sweeped out on feet and falling in love causes heavy leg damages. Ok? No more of this.

  • Dumb protagonist with brilliant friend.

Ok , I get it . The protagonist ought to be some what dumb because we readers need to be explained whatever the heck is going . But , may be the lead can be bad ass brilliant and the side character can explain us right???!! Then they can be with their protagonist out of love than necessity which can be more friendship.

  • No more secrets

I hate this when there is lack of talk and hiding important things between friends or lovers or whatever. Please talk more and don’t keep life saving secrets.

Do you guys have any tropes which you hate ? Love? Or love – hate relationship? Lets talk.

Happy living


9 thoughts on “Top 5 tropes – Please don’t write this any more.”

  1. I think you’ve pretty much said all of the tropes I would think of! I also hate that trope where the protagonist is the “chosen one” and everything miraculously falls into their lap without them doing any actual work

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