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Creepy crawlies || Blogoween day 7

Fictional monsters that I hate to encounter.😈🎃

Prompt from kal

Hi guys , welcome to my blog. As you know , am not a big fan of horror or paranormal . So this prompt was a lot harder for me.

1. Nightwalkers from Game of Thrones

Seriously , zombies were better off. These creepy creatures fight with swords and whenever they are on screen , am absolutely terrified.

2. Dementors from Harry Potter

I was literally shaking when I saw the movie. It sometimes feel like its the best to keep them as guards for Azkaban , but that’s so wrong. We deal with depression every day but seeing or reading those things with a picture was terrifying.

3. Minotaur from Percy Jackson

Yes , there are monsters who are lot worse in the series. But a 11 year old attacked by a minatour is cruel not to say i was afraid for percy.

Thats all for my list am afraid;-) , but I am starting to read more horror and Paranormal .. so this list will hopefully increase next blogoween.

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