September wrap up

Hey guys

This is my first wrap up post. So.. i will improve the mistakes i might make in this post. I was lazy to actually see how people do these post and .. since am a do and learn kind , i decided to do it. Without further ado, lets talk about it.

1. Hex Hall

My first read was Hex hall . Sophie mercer was totally cool and it felt like a fanfic YA with all these references.

2. City of glass

City of glass is the 3rd book of the Mortal Instruments series which happens in the glass city , the capital of Shadowhunters . Amaaazing read with a great amount of surprise. Due to this hangover , I haven’t started City of Fallen Angels till now.

I don’t read a series continually. I break it and read with something else and suffer from forgetfulness. Yup i need a forgetfulness potion

3. Demon glass

Demon glass , The second book of Hex hall series which made me dnf the series.

4. The Dark Prophecy

Ah! The second book of Trials of Apollo series. This was fun but got a bit dragged with nets (haha) .

5. How to fracture a Fairy tale

My first ARC read. How to fracture a fairy tale was so interesting with lots of fairy tale retellings. But i didn’t identify most.

6. Ruin and Rising

I finally completed the Grisha trilogy. I didnt want to read it because the writing was sooo good and afraid of actually completing it. And six of crows wasn’t available in any store.. my parents didnt order me because i broke my book ban 😭

7. The Burning Maze

That sound? My heart shattered. None of the previous Rick Riordan books were so shattering for me. I got my heart broke . Yes.. but this was too much to bear.

8. A winter’s promise

A winter’s promise , My first ARC from Edelweiss which turned out to be an amazing first book for the mirror travellor series.

9. Outrun the wind

Outrun the wind was unexpectedly amazing read. This is basically a retelling of a greek legend Atalanta but this was written so beautiful and perfect.

That’s all , for me 9 books a month is pretty big number.

Nothing remarkably happened in my life. So thats all for September wrap up. Please suggest the changes i need to learn to make wrap up posts better. Comment and let me know

Happy living


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