Halloween creatures Book Tag 2.0

Day 1.

Halloween creatures tag 2.0

This tag is created by the amazing Anthony@ Keep Reading forward. Check his blog he is amazing.

Graphics made by anthony


  • Answer all prompts.
  • Answer honestly.
  • Tag 1-13 people.

A Magical Character or Book.

I read a book called ” Unbreakable love and Unforgivable lies ” in Inkitt . It was my first YA Contemporary read. It was

The Perfect Book to Read at Night.

The fault in our stars . Its an awesome one sitting read preferably read at night when no one disturb you.

A Book that Truly Shocked You.

Allegiant book from Divergent series. No spoilers🤐

The Devil
A Dark, Evil Character.

Valentine from The Mortal Instruments series. He is a true darrrk character.

Grim Reaper
A Character that Should Never Have Died.

Phelix from Outrun the wind. I understood why it happened but still it hurts.

A Book that Made You “Hungry” for More.

Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. I got so excited for this book and finished the entire 5 books in 3 days.

A Character that You Would Protect at All Cost.

Nikolai from Grisha verse. I love this guy soo much. And i will protect him with my life.

A Book that Sucked the Life Out of You.

“The time traveller’s wife” . I dnf d and tried and failed. I couldn’t read this one.

A Book that Still Haunts You.

Percy Jackson and the singer of Apollo. Yes am weird. But still ,

A Book that Really Scared You.

I read “Black Beauty” when I was 11 . When I read about black beauty got beaten i was really scared.

A Character You Have a Bone to Pick With.

America Singer from the selection series. I just wanna sit with her all day and pick her with a bone to actually think and make a decision.

A Book You Would Preserve Throughout Time.

Gulliver’s travels. I love this book so much.

Creepy Doll
A Cover too Scary to Look At.

Iam not much of a horror fan so i haven’t encountered any creepy covers so far.

The Monster Mash
It’s Fun to Be with Friends on Halloween!
Tag Your Friends!

I tag



Erk@ the musings of a confuzzled reader

Tiffany @ read by tiffany



Olivia Emile@ Libroliv





All the graphics made by Anthony for blogoween.

Happy living


2 thoughts on “Halloween creatures Book Tag 2.0”

  1. Oof I remember reading Black Beauty as a kid, and it made me cry and I couldn’t even finish it cause of them hurting him. I also got angry at it…I can’t deal with animals being hurt or mistreated in books hehe

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