How to Fracture A Fairy tale

I was given this ARC from NetGalley in exchange of an honest opinion


Author : Jane Yolen

240 pages

Publication date : 5th November

Isbn no : ISBN13 9781616963064
This book is basically retellings of many fairy tales. And the twists are amazing

What is a fractured fairy tale?

A fractured fairy tale is a classic fairy tale with twisted events or characters or slight change of plot

You cannot expect death to care about a single child , who has seen so many.

Many lines gave me chills in the book.

Silver ribbon , silver hair

Lead the ladies with great care

Lead them to their home

In my opinion these stories are awesomely fractured by Jane Yolen.

This is the first book I have read of Jane yolen , so I dont know about her writing style.

I love the stories told from different point of views. The one from a bridge and from death herself are just mind blowing.

I wasn’t born and raised from english speaking origin , so I dont know the original versions of many stories.

This was a fun and light read . Short stories are always my favourites and they are finished soon (too soon though).

This will definitely amuse you if you love light hearted unique short stories

Happy living


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