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Time to go home

Hey guys. Today is september 1st and hogwarts express leaves platform 3/4 precisely at 11 am.

I started reading hp books not so long ago. Its just been 1 year or so.

And i joined the wwbookclub accidentally in the order of phoenix book ( for those who don’t know , book club is a Twitter account which discusses a topic from a chapter from the said book every friday)

I didn’t participate in the discussions regularly but I admired the views and opinions of some people.

That’s when I joined the amazing harry potter Twitter community. Now that has been a part of my life.

My twitter fandom has made amazing magic for me. I have great friends all over the world and learning a lpt day by day.

If you love harry potter I request you to join this amazing community .

What I learned from wwbookclub

  • There are timezones all over the world and it is never the same time for two people , so they great with happy timezone.
  • There are different cultures in each and every place but people are same .
  • As a reader , I have been jealous of US and Uk readers since they have more opportunities to read books and own them , but not everyone is aware of that and use that.

The wizarding world book club had its magic with me.

Have you experienced these? Or with what books did you experienced these? Please let me know in the comments

Happy living

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