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Knowledge about my website name

I have this weird habit of thinking about people I love over time and the personalities they have in common. I have found that I loved people who were quiet in the outside and totally awesome in the inside. Thats when we took this weird quiz online and everything went wrong.

My friends began telling me they got introverts (and trust me when I say this everyone else did get). But me being “me”, I was so talkative and all I began to think who am i? what the hell was I?

And then I met some got extroverts who were totally socialized people. I wasn’t like that too.

Some said to be proud of what I am and its good to be a combination of both. Then I took this research thing about personalities

Basically common knowledge is that ,

People who are outgoing and party are extroverts.

People who stay in and read or watch tv (basically just reading) are introverts.

But this idea itself is wrong. People who hang out in a bar isolated and alone are introverts and people who spend their time mostly with friends are extroverts. In the emerging new world you never know.

From my little knowledge ,

  • People who get happiness and energy from talking and socialising are extroverts
  • People who tend to be happy when they are alone or get their energy from being alone are introverts.
  • Ambiverts are people who like socialising but get alone and energise .

And now there is a another kind of species called ambivert (like me) who like them both. Like party while party and enjoy your own time if u have it.

You can never tell between people because people change all the time. U may have been an introvert in high school and extrovert in college or vice versa.

Which one are you? What do you think of this ? Let me know in the comments.

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